i was homecoming king if that means anything


Christopher James Douglas Perkins


who am i?


I am a very casual, goofy person, who thrives on connection. At age 21, I have shot multiple weddings, countless portraits, and loved every second of it. My love for photography began through a good friend and mentor. I can recall the chills I got looking at a picture he had taken in Banff, Canada of the pine trees, and I knew that I needed more. I spent many hours in my local coffee shop studying camera brands, how they work, and then pulled the trigger on my first Canon Rebel T5i. I was out everyday taking pictures of friends and animals and buildings, just trying to create art that moved people like Jeromy’s did. Eventually, with time, that art came. I began to create images that made me and my friends go "wow". Those ideas and inspirations were finally being translated into pictures. This hobby turned into a passion as I began to do more than just “take pictures”. I began capturing stories. I started looking at photography as a sacred means to preserve people. I noticed that it no longer became about me. It is about something much bigger. My mom lost her battle to cancer my senior year of high school, in 2016. One of my biggest regrets and a deep motivation I have is my lack of pictures with her. Looking back at the past, there is nothing that lasts like genuine photographs. That simple truth has pushed me to photograph every thing in my life, from friends, to home decor, to pets, to other people. I want to make sure that you’re able to look at the images we create and remember. There is going to be a-lot going on on your wedding day, trust me. Don’t let photography be something you worry about.

me and abbs
chris perkins

My love life

I am a married man! crazy, I know! She has taught me so so much about love and patience and the importance of not taking yourself too seriously. A lot of my inspiration comes from Abigail, so don’t be surprised if she tags along with us on our first coffee date (she’s my better half anyways).

We love a few things;

  • Jesus

  • coffee

  • hiking

  • laughing

  • art

Niagara Falls

And Bessie Lou! We adopted Bessie Lou in July, and she is the biggest blessing in the world! She likes cuddles, walks at the dog park, and belly scratches. :)

bessie lou
bessie and abbey

 Random pictures that are my some of my personal favorites




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