Mason and Paige

Paige and I served at a Younglife camp back in 2016. There we became very close, and I grew familiar with a guy I’d never met; Mason. Paige described this knight in shining armor as a man of God, who’s intentions were pure. A guy who had loved Paige like no one else, and pointed her to God in everything. It was cool to know she had someone in her life who loved her so much. Fast forward a few years, and I get an email from that very same Mason. A few days and plane ride later, I find myself hiding in a bush in Fort Worth, Texas, to capture this intimate moment between the two coolest humans ever. As he walked her down a staircase of rose petal, a distinguished friend and musician was playing guitar and singing heavenly notes of God’s glory. The sun began to set over the bridge where they had been on their first date, and they arrived to the final stop in their journey. A huge sign, handcrafted by Mason, displayed the boldest question known to a young guy. “I love you Paige! Will you marry me?”

w o w

Talk about a master plan! I don’t think i’ll ever witness something as beautiful as the warm embrace they held after she giggly said yes. Congratulations Paige and Mason :-)