David and Haley

My fiance told me in an excited chatter about Haley and David. She told me about how awesome Haley was, how rooted in Jesus she was, and how cool it’s been to see her grow into the woman she is. (High school friends) She put in a good word while they were searching for photographers and thankfully I got an email soon after. We meet for coffee a few days later and I got to know David and Haley myself. This couple is kind, funny, and are so loudly in love. In the hour we chatted, I learned how they met, how obvious it was that they were meant to be together, and gained a new admiration for them. We hopped next door to this dingy orange alley, and boy oh boy did they make it SHINE! As we were wrapping up, David told me how instead of a ring, we gave Haley this watch. I’ve never seen anything like this, and was just staggered at how beautiful it looked. It’s so soft, but so elegant. For sure a super sweet token of love between these two! We only snagged a few photos, but if this is anything like the wedding, we are going to have a gorgeous day :-)
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