Anastasia and Alec


Alec and Anastasia opted for a smaller wedding in the woods of a nature reserve close to home. As I pulled in, I saw everyone setting up the chairs, decor, flowers. Their closest family and friends pitched in as they prepared the spot for the magical day. The flowers were hand-crafted together with a thoughtful array of beauty. I couldn’t believe the gem they found as I gazed up at this giant monumental tree. As the sun lazily filtered through the branches, I couldn’t imagine a better view. People filled in and found a seat, and before anyone knew it, ana walked down the aisle with her father. All were moved to tears as we relished in the fact that the day was actually here. A beautiful ceremony that lead us to reflect on the gospel and this idea that there is someone who loves us unconditionally through Christ. After the ceremony, we were welcome to a reception in Alec’s back yard. There, they had a hospitable area with beer and the greatest meat i’ve ever had, grilled by the best man minutes before. As the light faded, the dancing began. if anyone is curious what love looks like, id encourage you to look at Ana’s dad’s eyes as he dances with her.
Thanks for a day I will not forget.