Goofy. Charismatic. Kind.

These are the three words when I think of these two. When we first met over coffee, I was asking them questions about how they met to what they liked to do in their free time and their favorite songs and all that fun stuff. I wanted to know what they were about. Well, if you are familiar with these two at ALL, then you know exactly what they are about. I have never meet two people so enthralled with each other. It is so clear that not only they are madly in love, but they are in it until the end. That would explain the proposal actually. (duh)

To start off the shoot, we meet at Indian Mound Reserve, which is this sweet camping trail and waterfall by Cedarville, Ohio. It was bright and early Easter morning at 7am, but somehow, they managed to glow. Something that these two love doing is dancing!!! Day one, I learned about their passion for music, and for that feeling of being at a concert. Being apart of something big. Witnessing someone give everything they have. If you were here this Easter morning, you would have felt that same energy. As they danced, they played off each other; each one cracking some sort of muffled inside joke that would get the other laughing. Something about cheddar? Who knows haha. They were having so much FUN! And it was 7AM! Seriously, my job was a piece of cake. It wasn’t awkward, there were no awkward pauses. Just them. (I like to think I make a good third wheel.)

In between the shoot, I asked them to do a few things for me. Dance, tell each other funny jokes, run towards me at blazing fast speeds (yikes!) But my favorite part was telling Dylan to whisper to Sarai his favorite things about her, and for Sarai to whisper to Dylan her favorite story/adventure with Dylan. This created such a real moment between the two, as they looked back fondly and nuzzled together remembering the kindle that sparked their relationship.

P.S. they brought their dog theo and I cried so there’s that.
P.S.S. I didn’t actually cry, but I could have, because Theo is the perfect GoldenDoodle.

Feel free to jam out to a favorite artist of theirs, LANY while ya check out their love story in images :-)